At Shareacar we’re building an online community of like-minded drivers and vehicle owners who believe in the sharing economy. Shareacar makes renting a car cheaper, more flexible and easier than ever before. By joining Shareacar you’ll be able to effortlessly choose from a large range of cars and pick up your car where and when you like.
Step 1. Complete your profile: At Shareacar it’s all about our community of drivers and car owners! Please make sure you fill in your profile so that our owners know they’re putting their cars in the best of hands.
Step 2. Get your licence verified: Before renting out a car we need to make sure your licence meets some basic requirements [LINK]. Worry not, our support team [LINK] is on had and can get your licence verified in 12 hours.
Step 3. Find the car for you: Great, now that you’ve registered it’s time for you to find the car that best meets your needs. It’s easy, just go to our homepage search by location and date and find the car that best suits you. Within seconds you will have a list of cars that match your criteria, you can further refine the results by applying specific filters like price, make, features and more.
Step 4. Send your requests: We’re almost there! Once you’ve refined your search, you are free to send multiple requests. Once the request(s) have been sent, additional cars will be suggested based on your criteria, this is done in order to make sure you have all options available presented to you.
Step 5. It’s a match, now you get to choose: You’ve received an approval on a request, that’s great news! It means the owners trust you and are happy to rent you their cars! Now all you have to do is choose from the approvals the car that ‘s best for you (please note owners are allowed to reject your requests).
Step 6. Enter your payment details: This is one of the last steps, soon you’ll be united with your rental car. Once you’ve chosen the car you most like, complete payment and confirm the booking. You’ll then get an email with the confirmation and a rental agreement.
Step 7. Time to pick up your car: Before you do however, you need to decide with the owner who prints out the rental agreement (you or the owner). Then all you need to do is meet the owner sign the agreement and you’ll get the keys in hand! Don’t forget to take your driving licence and the credit card you used to make payment with you. The owner needs to take a photo of your licence and send it to Shareacar in order to make sure that your name matches that of the credit card.
Congratulations you now have your rental car!! Travel, explore new places – have fun!
Step 8. After the rental, lets us know what you thought: We’re a community, so your opinion matters a lot! Once you’ve returned the car, please add a review of the owner’s vehicle. Your review will then feature on the owner’s profile.


You can still message car owners and make requests before you’ve had your licence checked. But, we really do recommend getting your licence verified first. Please check our driver eligibility requirements if you have any doubts regarding your licence’s eligibility.
Keys are exchanged in person, in a previously agreed location that best suits the owner and the renter. When exchanging the keys both parties will need to sign the rental agreement. The owner will also need to check your licence and the name on the credit card.
You can see if owners are offering these services and at what cost by looking at their profile pages.
• You must be at least 21 or over.
• You must hold a valid driving licence, that’s valid in the country you’re renting the car.
• You must have at least 2 years of driving history.
• The method you use to pay for the rental must be in your name. If you are paying with credit card, you must show it to the owner upon check-in.
• If you don’t meet the rental conditions, the owner will refuse to rent you the car at check-in, in addition to this you will be charged for the first two days of rental (exclusive of kilometers).

If you still haven’t found the answers to your questions, please contact our Customer Services.
• Before contacting the owner, please make sure you fill in your profile fully (including all details, picture etc..).
• When you meet the owner, it’s reassuring for them if you let them know of what you plan to do with their car.
• Please make sure to arrive at the meeting on time.
• Make sure you have all the necessary documents to present to the owner when you meet him:
• Your original driving licence (not a copy), please note if you have a foreign licence, extra documents may be necessary;
• The credit card under your name used for payment (not necessary if paid by PayPal).
Please do not eat, smoke or transport animals in car – unless you have the owner’s permission.
If you need to cancel, let the owner know as soon as possible.
Rental prices on the website are, by default, exclusive of fuel costs. You must therefore return your vehicle with the same amount of fuel as it had at the start of the rental. If the gas level is different at the end of the rental, you can proceed to an adjustment.
Within the limits of normal use, you are not required to clean the vehicle. However, a quick clean is recommended. It makes all the difference to owners and is reflected in their reviews.

If the vehicle is very dirty on the outside (mud, dirt on the bodywork due to driving on unsurfaced roads, etc.) or the inside (heavy mud stains on the mats, sand, crumbs, etc.), you need to clean it. If the vehicle is unreasonably dirty when you return it, you will have to pay the owner a compensation ranging from €15 to €45 for cleaning the interior and for washing the exterior. For any soiling which requires work by a professional (stains on the seats, extremely dirty interior, etc.), you’ll have to pay for the associated cleaning costs.


A verified PayPal account is a prerequisite to pay through PayPal on Shareacar.
PayPal is an online payment service. Using PayPal is free of charge for private users. PayPal allows you to access an already existing bank account registered under your name through a virtual one. It’s easy to handle and has a high level security.
You only need to register as private on their website and enter all necessary data. This includes the bank details of the account that you want to link to PayPal.
Once you have set up your account, a two-step verification process begins:

Step 1. Test transfer: PayPal asks you to confirm your bank account to verify you're the owner. PayPal transfers one cent to the bank account you provided to make sure you have entered the correct details. Since this is a standard bank transfer, it may take up to one or two working days until you have received the money.

Step 2. Verification of your account: The charge appears on your card statement with a 4-digit code and the word PAYPAL. After log in on your PayPal account, go to your wallet, click on the card or account you need to confirm, enter the 4 digit-code and click on “Confirm”.
Done! Your account is now verified and you can rent your car on Shareacar using PayPal!
There’s no cost for the driver. Posting a listing is free. Once the listing is online, drivers who are interested will be able to contact the owners when they like. Renters pay for the rental on the website, and the owner earns 70% of the rental price. Shareacar’s service fee is 30%. This includes insurance for both owners and drivers.
No. You must book and pay for your rental using the website, as it is this process that activates our insurance policy’s coverage of your rental. If an owner suggests that you forgo Shareacar ’s insurance by paying anywhere other than the website, they are running a risk and making you run one too.


The renter must comply with certain conditions for the rental to be insured. You are responsible for ensuring that these conditions are met. The following conditions need to be met:

1. Be at least 21 years old and have 2 years of driving history.
2. Pay for the rental using a means of payment in the driver's own name. If the driver pays with a credit card, the owner needs to verify if it’s the driver’s at check-in
3. Not use the vehicle either for commercial transportation of passengers or goods (only ride-sharing with sharing of costs is allowed)
4. Remain the main driver of the car during the rental, which means the renter cannot rent a car on behalf of someone else
5. It is your responsibility to scrupulously perform the all the verifications detailed in the rental agreement, which ensure that conditions 1 and 2 are met. Not making the necessary verifications will make you lose the benefit of Shareacar ’s insurance cover, as well as Shareacar ’s trusted third party service (recovery of deductible, traffic ticket management, etc.).

You must also cancel a rental if you are aware that any of conditions will be disrespected. However, if you are deceived by a renter who wasn't respecting all of those conditions, the renter will bear the consequences of the loss of the insurance cover.
You may forfeit your car's insurance coverage if:

• You do not verify the renter's documents which are detailed in the rental agreement (see all renter’s conditions);
• You make a false insurance claim;
• You report an incident to Shareacar more than 5 days after the end of the rental
• You do not sign the rental contract with the renter;
• Your car is not insured, at least with a third party liability coverage;
• Your car does not fulfill the compulsory routine inspection requirements of its \ registration country;
• You accept a payment of all or part of the rental fee out of the Shareacar website;
• You accept a rental extension without logging it on the Shareacar website.


For each rental, Shareacar provides a pre-filled rental agreement. Once the rental has been booked and paid for, the rental agreement will become available on Your Rentals page.

If the contract contains inaccurate information (wrong driving license number, typo in the issue date...), don’t worry it’s possible to edit the mobile agreement from the app, to do this:
• The driver needs to open the Shareacar app. on his phone, then update the information related to his profile in the More tab under Your profile.
• Once this is done: on the ownerside, open the contract in your app Shareacar , click on the three dots in the right upper corner then click on "Reset agreement" to see the modifications appear.

The Rental agreement page details the provisions to the rental agreement.
In any case, the driver and the owner are committed to complete a booked rental.

• Before check-in: cancelling is possible, but the person who cancels runs the risk of getting excluded from the platform.
• At check-in: if the driver doesn’t show up or doesn’t meet the insurance conditions, you have to cancel the rental. If you deem to have suffered from a prejudice, you can contact us. We will charge the driver a lump sum of €10, which we’ll transfer you as a compensation.
• After check-in: cancelling cannot happen after check-in, as the insurance is already triggered and billed.


If an accident occurs, Shareacar’s insurance will handle it, please take the following steps:

• If the vehicle is undrivable, contact Allianz assistance, +351 210443723 they will organize a breakdown service to collect the car and arrange for the transportion of its passengers;
• If another vehicle is involved in the accident, you must fill out a declaração amigável (accident claim form) , which will determine the responsibilities of each driver involved in the accident. In section 8 of the declaración amistosa de accidente, under name of the assurer please write: Allianz, and add Shareacar’s insurance policy number 204115721;
• Finally, call the owner and contact Shareacar (see Contact page) as soon as possible.

At the end of the rental, fill out a damage report with the owner. If you are the guilty party, there and then, you will be asked to pay the owner a security deposit as mentioned on the damage report form. If the total cost of the repairs is less than the insurance deductible, all repairs will be at your charge. If not, then Shareacar ’s insurance will pay the remainder
If you are responsible for the incident, or if no guilty party is identified (e.g. if the car is damaged in a car parking), Shareacar ’s insurance will cover the repairs, but you will have to pay the deductible. For example, a car in the Eco category, with a deductible of 800€ (without the deductible reduction option), if you scratch the car and cause €250 of damage, you will pay €250. On the other hand, if you have an accident leading to €3,000 of repairs, you will only pay €800.

If you are responsible for an incident involving identified third parties, you will have to pay the €382 “civil liability” deductible to cover any damage suffered by third parties. In all cases, you will incur a fixed charge of €30 as soon as Shareacar is required to intervene to handle an incident.
In case you get pulled over by the police, you should show your personal documents, the car's documents and the rental agreement that was signed by both you and the owner. The rental agreement states that the car owner is renting their car to you, and that you are covered under Allianz insurance for the duration of the rental
Beware, breaking traffic regulations is costly! For all the traffic tickets accrued during rental, you will be fully responsible for paying the fines and should there be licence point penalization, it will be registered on your licence. On top of the fine itself, you owe a €15 processing fee per traffic ticket. The owner can have Shareacar recover this fee by charging your account.

What is this €15 fee for? Handling a ticket is time-consuming for the owner : going through the exemption request process can be tricky and may include sending mails. It also represents an additional task for Shareacar: we guide and assist owners through all the different exemption processes, and we then have to check the validity of the agreement and the fine before charging you. We thus forward €10.50 to the owner and keep €4.50.

If the owner receives a ticket that occurred during the rental, he will contest it and nominate you instead. The fine will therefore be sent to you at your address.
• Try to get in touch with the owner to find a solution, by phone and through our messaging system. Shareacar doesn’t have any other means by which to reach the owner.
• If you don’t manage to speak to the owner, you should make sure that the rental is properly cancelled through the website or the app, in order to get fully refunded (within 3 business days)
• Then, redo a search on Shareacar and contact as many owners as possible
• If you deem to have suffered significant prejudice, Shareacar can sanction the owner by suspending their account, or prompting them to give you a compensation.

Contact us if need be, for us to take the necessary actions
All vehicles are covered by Shareacar ’s roadside assistance. In the event of a breakdown, you must contact our 24r 7 days-a-week assistance, and inform the owner as soon as possible. Details about the process are provided on the Roadside Assistance page. A €90 handling fee will apply. This fee must be paid by the owner if the vehicle was being used correctly before it broke down, and by you if the breakdown was caused by incorrect use of the vehicle during the rental.

If you still can’t find answers to your questions, you can contact our Customer Service.
Rather than simply having your car parked outside when you’re not using it, imagine if it could be making you money instead. Cars are a big investment, they’re expensive to buy and maintain. Not to mention how cars depreciate in value faster than almost any other good. With Shareacar you can invert this spending cycle and have your car generate income. By using Shareacar you can rent out you car safely and hassle free, whilst all the major complications like insurance are handled by us.
Shareacar offers numerous to benefits for car owners:

• It’s free to join;
• You can earn money;
• We’ve partnered up with Allianz insurance to offer you the best possible coverage;
• By using PayPal you will receive a safe and secure payment;
• You set the price at which you want to rent out your car;
• You choose who rets your car, when and for how long;
• You’ll become part of a like minded community who believe in the sharing economy;
• By using Shareacar you are doing your bit to use resources in a smarter and more sustainable way.


The more information we have the more confident we are that were making the right decision. This is especially true for cars, renters who include plenty of details are more likely to get a higher number of requests. Here’s a list of the information you should include:

Description of your vehicle: Try to tell you renters as much as you can about your vehicle. Details should include overall vehicle condition, level of cleanliness, minor problems the driver should know about, the exact model and features and accessories. If you’re listing a van, please don’t forget mention its height, load volume and the dimensions of its storage compartment.

Location: The more precise a you are about where the vehicle is, the easier it will be for the renter to find it.

Availability: It’s super important that you keep your calendar up to date. Please make sure you add comments about your availability slots (e.g. during the day, from 10am to 6pm), the location where you usually park your car etc..

Rental Conditions: Don’t loose time with rental request you know you’re not going accept. Make sure you determine your car’s rental conditions (duration of rental, how far in advance the rental needs to be made, mileage etc.)

Photos: Please make sure to add high quality photos of your car as well as a profile picture.
Yes, of course! There’s no limit to the amount of vehicles you can list. Why don’t you start by listing one or two and then as soon as you feel more comfortable list as many vehicles as you like!
Yes, of course!! If your car has a couple of scratches, that’s fine we don’t mind. But we don’t ever compromise on safety (brakes, tires seatbelts. etc.). Please make sure to read our safety checklist prior to listing your car - Powered by Bosch. We don’t compromise with cleanliness either, please make sure before you provide your car to a driver that it is clean (inside and out).


Well done your vehicle is in demand! When you receive a rental request you have two options open to you:

Accept: buy only if you’re sure you can deliver the keys to your vehicle at the requested time and place. If you accept requests you can’t fulfill your vehicle will go down in ranking. Once you’ve accepted the request, the driver will have to pay and confirm.

Decline: If the request, meeting time and meeting place don’t suit you. If your car doesn’t happen to be available on the requested dates, make sure you update your calendar.

If you feel like you need some additional information before answering the request, feel free to call or text the driver.

Once you’ve accepted the request, the renter decides to confirm the rental you will then receive an e-mail or text message if.


It all depends really on a number of factors like your availability, response time and the model and age of your car. You can expect to earn around €50 a day. For example, if you rent out your car every weekend for a year you can expect to year about €1200 per year. But our best owners earn much more : )
The rental price is entirely up to you! Please note, setting a price of €30 per day doesn’t meant the renter will pay you €30. It’s also important to note that you’ll receive about 70% of the rental price. The remaining 30% is for the insurance fee and the Shareacar service fee. Fuel is not included in the price and must be paid by the renter.
If you feel your price is too high or too low, you’re welcome to change the prices whenever you like.
Posting a listing is free. You’ll earn 70% of the rental price, 30% will be used to pay insurance and the Shareacar rental fee.


Replying to requests is good, but replying YES is much better ! Your accept rate (rental requests accepted / rental requests received) greatly influences your listing ranking. We can’t afford to propose to our drivers a car whose owner refuses them too often, otherwise they wouldn’t be satisfied. We favor those owners who accept most often their rental requests in order to maximize the renters’ chances of getting a car and thereby keeping everyone happy.

Here are our tips on how to improve the accept rate:

1. Keep your calendar up to date, please make sure you specify the dates your car is available on. You’ll only receive requests when you and your car are available. If you’re not sure of your car’s availability mark it as unavailable and then change as soon as you know.
2. Be precise about your rental conditions. It will prevent you from receiving request that don’t meet your requirements. If you like you can determine the rental duration, for example if you feel renting your car for only one day isn’t worth it, be precise and say you want a 2-day minimum rental duration.
3. Make sure the price is right. You decide what rental price you think is fair.
If you are a new owner on the website, you should consider setting a price that is slightly lower than average to attract renters, who usually prefer owners who already have reviews. You can increase your prices later on.


The following requirements apply to Shareacar listed vehicles:

• Maximum age of cars 7 years. The cars must be from 2009 onwards;
• Private cars and utility vehicles weighing up to 3.500Kg;
• Shareacar does not accept vehicles with more than 9 seats;
• Shareacar does not accept vehicles valued higher than 50.000€.
The vehicle must have a Portuguese license plate and have a valid definitive registration document. Cars with provisional registration documents are not allowed;
You may list a vehicle belonging to a neighbor, family member or friend, with their (written) approval of course.
The vehicle must have passed the Inspecção Periodica Obrigatória, and be in good mechanical and security condition.
Yes, the owner must have at least third-party liability insurance for his vehicle.
The vehicle must be parked in Portugal for pick up and delivery.
Civil liability and personal injury, theft, fire, damage to the vehicle has a coverage of up to €50,000, the insurance deductible is to be borne by the renter. Learn more about the insurance included for every rental on Shareacar.
The renter must comply with certain conditions for the rental to be insured. You are also responsible for ensuring that they are met. The conditions are:

1. Be at least 21 years old and have 2 years of driving history;
2. Pay for the rental using a means of payment in the driver's own name. If the driver pays with a credit card, you will need to verify it at check-in;
3. Remain within certain European countries (see full list);
4. Not use the vehicle either for commercial transportation of passengers or of goods (only ride-sharing with sharing of costs is allowed);
5. Remain the main driver of the car during the rental, which means the renter cannot rent a car on behalf of someone else;
6. You are responsible for scrupulously performing the verifications detailed in the rental agreement, which enable to ensure that the above conditions 1 and 2 are met. Not making those verifications will make you lose the benefit of Shareacar’s insurance cover, as well as Shareacar’s trusted third party service (recovery of deductible, traffic ticket management, etc.).

Please note you are obliged to cancel the rental if you are aware that any of conditions 3 to 5 will or are being disrespected. However, if you are deceived by a renter who wasn't respecting all of those conditions, the renter will bear the consequences of the loss of the insurance cover.
No. Besides the Shareacar insurance your vehicle must be covered by a yearly insurance policy (at least third-party liability insurance). If the renter is stopped by the police, they will need to provide a copy of your insurance certificate. Parking/garage type insurance policies are not accepted.
We have 24/7 roadside assistance for our renters - the renter can contact Shareacar’s assistance on +351210443723 (24/7 cover). The driver must tell the operator it's a rental Shareacar rental.

This assistance includes the following services:

• Breakdown service or towing the vehicle to the nearest garage;
• The cost of transportation for one of the passengers (returning home or continuing the journey)


For each rental, Shareacar will provide a pre-filled rental agreement. This agreement will be made available online in Your rentals once the rental has been booked and paid for on the website. The Rental agreement page details the provisions of the rental agreement.
Yes. The rental prices on the website are by default, exclusive of fuel costs.
The renter must therefore return your vehicle with the same amount of fuel as it had at the start of the rental. You are not required to provide the vehicle with a full tank, but this does make it easier to check the gauge at the end. If the driver returns the car with a lower level of gas, you can proceed to an adjustment..
If the driver contacts you to extend of modify a rental, tell them that they must make their request via Shareacar, so that the insurance cover can be extended accordingly. Then you need to approve their request, otherwise the rental will not be extended or modified.

If the driver does not have internet access, or if they have your car beyond the initially agreed dates, you must contact Shareacar immediately (see Contact page).

Please note: When cars are booked for half-day insurance will cover the whole-day. For example, if a rental is scheduled to finish in the afternoon (p.m.), your car will be covered until midnight (12 a.m.).
No. Only the renter can come and pick up the car. At check-in, you must perform the steps to verify the driver’s identity, this requires their physical presence. These verification steps are thoroughly explained in the rental agreement. It is not permitted for Peter to register on the website, Paul to pay and Jack to come and pick up the car. Do not hand your keys over if one of the conditions of the rental agreement is not met. This means that you must not agree to any of the following:

• A friend comes to pick up the car instead of the person who contacted you on the website;
• A partner, relative or friend pays instead of the renter, even if the latter is present at check-in.
Yes. If you are not available for the pickup or the return of the vehicle, you can ask someone you trust to do it for you. Don’t forget to explain how Shareacar works in some detail.
No, that’s not necessary. Shareacar keeps the driver’s payment details and can hence debit their account in case of damage.


You will be paid by bank transfer, at most 3 working days after the end of the rental. After that, transfers usually take 1-2 working days to get to your bank account. This means that the money will appear in your bank account 4-5 working days after the end of the rental.
No. You should never accept rentals that are not paid for on the website. Cash payments are not permitted.

If the renter does not pay online, then your vehicle will not be covered by Shareacar nor by your regular insurer in the event of an accident or theft.

Online payment is a measure designed to protect you. Do not take unnecessary risks by accepting payment by any other means than the website. If a renter cannot pay online, then they can't rent your car.

If a renter does not own a credit card, or if their credit card is declined by our payment provider, they cannot rent your vehicle. Sometimes, credit cards are declined even if the cardholder has enough money on their account, due to maximum payment limits or anti-fraud filters. It is better to turn down a rental outright than rent to someone who may not be able to pay up if something goes wrong.